Greetings, Stranger

She then sits at my table, just like some parachuter out of the blue, and smiles lightly before flicking her hair and producing a cigarette from her left pocket. After she’d lit the cig I was certain she’s left-handed. It feels kinda strange, even though I personally know many lefties. It’s also a good sign that she might be quite intelligent. Well, she managed to find me, after all.

“I never thought you’d have green eyes”, she says.

“Why not?”

“They said your both your parents were dark-eyed. It’s a mere 25% chance.”

Great, she’s intelligent and knows how genetic inheritance works. But, wtf!?

“Who are you?”

“I’m a stranger, just like any stranger. The less you know, the better”, she said and then burst into laughter immediately .

Uh-huh, so there’s the sense of humor as well. Nice. Slightly irritating but hey.

“How do you know about my parents? Or me!?”

“Oh, so I was traveling with this guy in the Midwest, and our car broke in the middle of nowhere. So we walked to this nearby house and were greeted by these people who made us some cookies. They were a sweet couple. I mean, they still are”, said she smilingly.

“Yes…? And?”

“So, in the end they told us they were your parents’ friends and how your parents died in a car crash in the middle of nowhere”, her face turned cautiously serious. “And they told us to find you and to give you this…”

A small blue amulet came out of her pocket and she put it in my palm.

“They said you’d look like a complete stranger”, she said.

I stared in wonder, then realized I might look stupid, so instead I looked at her and just nodded, not knowing what else to do or say.

“It has a tiny compartment too, see?” There was indeed a little door on the amulet. “They said you can open it once you find the right one. I’m assuming they meant the right girl“, she laughed again and gave me a look from the side.

“Your eyes are so blue”, I mumbled out of nowhere. But she heard me so she looked down shyly. She was actually gorgeous. Took me a while to get that.

“I’m Annie, btw”, said she, mostly to break the silence.


Another awkward silence went on for a couple of seconds. It’s been an intense two minutes, for me at least; girl, car, my parents, crash, eyes, amulet,… Still, it all felt unexpectedly non-unpleasant.

“So, how will I know when I’ve met the right one?”, I asked somewhat snarky. “I mean, I’m asking because you found me, so you must be a clever person and…”

“How should I know that? I’m only here to give you this amulet…”

“What if she’ll be a complete stranger to me?”, I interrupted her sentence.

“Well… I don’t know… But, you know, in a way we are all strangers in this world, I guess”, she said slightly confusedly and with a mild smile.

“Ok, but what if, out of all the strangers in this world, you are the right one for me?” I smiled.

“Well, I’m not sure how that would ever work – I am a leftie! You know?”, she laughed.

“M-hm. I do.”

The amulet clicked.


This was my feeble attempt to respond to this daily prompt of Sept. 8 ^^


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