Hazy Cab Songs

Clouds were distinctively purple as I went out. My first stop: donut parlor.

A red elephant crossed the intersecting road, waving to me with his left wing.

“What a jolly chap”, I smiled. “Wish I was able to fly my house into that clown’s desk, too.”

Donuts were yum, although less sandy than usual. A slight stench of blooming calendars ploughed through the air.

On the corner I see my friend trying to kick a lemonade ellipse. “How’s it going?”, asked I.

“I’m just less persistent today… Things get awkward when you aren’t ready to gaze into the jeweller’s watch’s daughter’s scarf.”

“I see what you mean. Did you hear – pleasantly dressed skyscrapers paced all the way to Somaliland!”

“Well, I know this could last, but he is a church towel”, replied he jokingly.

I was glad he was happy so I headed back home to disassemble the councillor’s cow’s frisbee. The poor thing was just a haggler away from excerption. Our nest tried to assist but I told her to dream out for margaritas.

These days electrify.


In response to this week’s weekly challenge ^^


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