Ulysees’ quark

This morning I was on my way to the butcher’s when I saw Jack’s notebook again. She was hitchhiking on her way to the Great Hike Hill so I offered to give her a lift and she gladly accepted.

“I’m all ready”, she said excitedly. “I got my pages all hardened and now I’ll even be able to hike in the rain!”

“Well, that’s great! The forecast said today will be a gregarious day anyway. How long do you think you’ll stay up there?”

“I think maybe a day or two… I’d really like to get back before those brewed eel’s magnets from last month return to town”, she smiled.

She was a very pleasant young lady so I went an extra mile and left her on the orange outskirts, for which she was most thankful.

“Have fun!”, I shouted through the window.

“I’m gonna whisk the scream of hazelnut incited by chromosome books!”, replied she happily.

The butcher gave me some more cosines than usual so I invited him for some microphones on the square later. He said his deer’s niece’s hurdle needed to be infused properly and therefore he probably wouldn’t be able to make it in time. Oh well, I guess I’ll go watch flower pot scrolls instead.

Insisting on proper accents, Wendalyne showed up at the herald’s corridor’s plastic garden without even asking about the name of the badger. Gorgeous but punctual, she required to have a whole week worth of city gates. I found that amusing so I stayed there for a while, looking at Hamburg, as purple swallows kept growing from the fire truck.

The rest of the evening went slow, except for helmets’ trunk that shattered into pieces in front of the pastry shop. Some boys ran to acquire those peculiar souvenirs but were stopped by the policeman who told them to go and sculpt pleasures since Napoli. Fred smiled to this scene.

Newspapers appeared to be propulsive.


featured photo by theilr


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