Our fabulous road trip went on with us hoping that, after visiting Viminacium and Ram, we’d still be able to make it to Golubac before sunset.
And we made it!

Getting there

Highway E75 toward Požarevac, and then the best route is down the road 34 (M25) via Veliko Gradište.

A gorgeous fortress

Golubac sits at the very beginning of the Đerdap gorge. And Đerdap happens to be the biggest gorge in Europe, which is already awesome.

Since the construction of Đerdap dam, the fortress has been partially flooded.

Which makes it look kinda cute

Here is also the place where the Danube is the widest in all of his course – an impressive 5 kilometers!


Funnily, the road goes straight through the fortress so if you’re driving along the Danube there is no way you can miss her.

The red mesh didn’t foil our exploration

The hill is super steep and it was already late, so we didn’t go on a full-scale adventure. Next time 🙂


Near future

Apparently, the fortress will be in reconstruction starting this month. Pictures that I saw of it didn’t please me; it seems they’ll put roofs on all of those towers. I’d prefer them to stay the way they are.

They are also planning to bore a tunnel beneath it so – no driving through the fortress anymore. Oh well.

Try not to enjoy this sight

Amazed with all the beauty we’d seen throughout the day, we headed to our lodge in Donji Milanovac.



Go visit this beauty now, while it’s still cool and unreconstructed. Preferably in late afternoon.

My personal favorite

The Danube here seriously looks like the sea.

In the vicinity don’t miss

Ram fortress and Lepenski vir archeological site.


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