Ceremošnja cave

The next day we decided to visit Ceremošnja – possibly the most spectacular cave in Serbia.

Getting there

Highway E75 to Požarevac, then along the road 33 to Kučevo and then take road 147 for the final 15 km of lovely landscapes. The road is good and the way to the cave is well marked.

Getting there #2

Coming from Donji Milanovac, we first took the road 164 to Majdanpek. It is a curvy road with ok surface, that runs through a lovely forest and barely has any traffic. On a sunny Sunday morning, in the first 15 (out of 23) km, we haven’t encountered one single car!
A couple of beekeepers are selling honey at the very start of this road, so don’t be lazy and make a stop there if you like fresh honey. You won’t get a second chance on this road, as we learned the hard way.

The amazing beauty

Ceremošnja /tsere’moshnya/ isn’t very long, but it is spacious – some chambers are more than 30 meters tall and their features are phenomenal! Tickets cost 250 dinars.

Our guide (who apparently lives right next to the cave) greeted us in Wallachian language, of which I only barely understood the word Homolje. Only because Homolje is the name of this mountainous region. The guy was a fun guide, though.

The abundance of speleothems and their strangely familiar shapes allowed them to bear names such as The Wallachian Beauty (along with her Groom, Kids, and Grandparents), Lion Head, Shark Head, Eternal Watch, Opanak, sparkling Crystal Castle (all with Princesses and Princes fighting for them), Cracked Sphere, Waterfall,…
I guess speleologists get bored a lot.


The cave hosts a colony of bats who spend their winters here. This makes it feel totally like the Batcave.


Apparently, in springtime there’s also a creek running through the cave. Which means we’ll have to come back and visit this beauty again when the humming noises will additionally enrich the place.

Moreover, the cave is the starting point of a hiking trail to the highest peak of Homolje. But our guide said this adventure takes some 4 hours one-way so we left it for the next time.


Don’t be deterred by the apparent remoteness of this beauty. If you like caves at all, you’ll love Ceremošnja.

My personal favorite

One lone, insanely cute tiny little bat hanging from a stalactite.

In the vicinity don’t miss

The Veliki Štubej peak, and Ravništarka cave.


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