Belgrade, parading

This is Russian aerobatic team Strizhi practicing in their MIG-29s above Belgrade yesterday.


Why? Because Belgrade is celebrating 70th anniversary of liberation from the Nazis. The liberation took place on October 20 1944, mostly by the Red Army. However, this year the celebration encompasses a full-scale military parade taking place tomorrow, on October 16. Which is a Thursday. And it starts at 3:30pm, right with the beginning of rush hour.

All because Putin the Almighty is coming and he couldn’t have possibly made it on the weekend. The guy’s probably got some wild tigers to shoot.

We pissed Putin with the gay parade held the other week, so now we’d better suck up to him with a nice, testosterone-charged, Russia-related military parade.


It doesn’t matter that the annoying tanks, ships and airplanes are bothering the heck out of everybody for days now, and during work hours.
Constant traffic jams don’t matter.
The sounds of combat aircraft being reminiscent of the traumatic bombing in 1999 doesn’t matter.
Or that the West will hate us. No, the show must go on.

I wonder what would happen if a gay parade was this demanding. How many riots would there be, how many injured, how many shops raided?

The funny thing is – it’s gonna rain on their parade.


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